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A leading design agency with a notable presence in Latin America, Imaginity has garnered a reputation for excellence in branding, packaging design, and shopper marketing. 

LATAM - Regional WORK

Imaginity, Kotex Evolution, Branding, Packaging Design, Pad Hand
Imaginity, Bimbo Breads, Packaging Design, Burger


Kotex breaks with the traditional conception of femininity, taking advantage of a need for change in its packaging and transforming it into an opportunity. Naming and branding were the first step in the project Then we move on to the image design, where we designed a new line of products with a modern, fresh and fun style packaging, with a simple language, and of great impact. Black becomes the main protagonist, associated with premium and becoming the distinctive color of the line and the brand, together with touches of saturated colors creating a fresh, young and high-impact style.


Our client Bimbo, hired us for the packaging redesign of its burgers and hot dog buns lines.We created a stand out product design, playing with the transparency of the packaging, revealing the product and highlighting its palatability. We emphasized the bimbo bear, seeking to achieve a clear and rapid identification with the brand and its values.

Imaginity, Bimbo Trucks, Brand Activation, White Bread
Imaginity, Mercado Libre, Branding, Logo Design, Online Shopper

Bimbo Trucks

This branding project for Bimbo, implemented in Latin America, aimed to take advantage of the company’s own trucks as a means of communication. Additionally, it was meant to strengthen the institutional image of Bimbo and highlight some of its brands. To convey the essence and values ​​of the Bimbo brand and at the same time, communicate each of its brands, we created a unified design, in which we designated an important space in each of the designs to the iconic and distinctive Bimbo bear. Then we differentiate one brand from another through colors and images; and adapt the designs to different trucks formats.

Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre hired us to create their new brand image, in order to update and modernize it, promoting its values without losing identity. We analyzed the essential elements of the brand (handshake, oval, colors) and their values, and worked in the isotype and logo, exploring their particular needs, without loosing sight of the relationship between them and the way they complement each other and function as a unit. The challenge was to convey the main aspects of the brand: reliability, strength and heritage, without losing the fun and satisfying spirit of the shopping experience.


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Imaginity, Webers, Tradicional, Bread, Classic, Bagels

Pepsi Light

Pepsi hired us to do the packaging design for the Pepsi Light special edition, associated with the campaign “I Love My Pepsi Light”. We started with the bottle design, analyzing distinctive elements, such as silver, the location and size of the brand and the color palette, to enforce the product recognition. On the other hand, we took some key elements of the campaign and articulated them with the brand,in order to achieve an harmonic and dynamic design, linked with Pepsi and the Pepsi Light spirit.


We had the privilege of working, as a design agency, on the packaging design for the highly-anticipated launch of Weber's newest bread product: Bagels. This delectable addition brings a new flavor to the brand's esteemed product line, boasting a classic American touch that exudes tradition and flavor. Our goal was to create packaging that not only captivates on the shelves but also effectively communicates Weber’s brand identity.

Imaginity, Packaging Design, Sugerencias Del Chef
Imaginity, Gatorade, Soccer, Packaging Design, Flavors

Sugerencias del Chef

We worked on the new product line “Sugerencias del Chef”, a brand that offers a wide variety of typical Mexican fast and easy meals. The aim was to differentiate themselves from competitors, striking by its protagonists images and the combination of bright, contrasting colors. A design where the type of product is distinguished from each other within the variety, for its combination of colors that act as encoders.


Packaging Design for Gatorade soccer special-edition in Mexico. Gatorade is the hydration expert and soccer is #1 passion in Mexico and in Latin America. We created three different designs to support the brand and reinforce the link Gatorade has with this popular sport.The famous player Jurgen Damm, and the teams Chivas, from Guadalajara, and Rayados, from Monterrey, are included in this special edition.

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Imaginity, Bimbo, Marinela, Triki Crunch, Packaging Design, Cookie, Chocolate Chips


A new packaging design and branding that evolves with the target. Café Olé was renewed, maintaining its young and fun essence, taking the opportunity to begin the transition of the brand from Café Olé to Olé. As part of the planned evolution of the brand, Café Olé will be renamed Olé. To achieve a cohesive transition that does not confuse consumers, the first step was to reduce the word coffee.


We designed the packaging for the new Triki Crunch chocolate chip cookies for our client Marinela, belonging to Grupo Bimbo México. The objective was to create a packaging design that conveys its flavor and appetizing, with a fun, young and impactful style. Our resources to achieve this were to use contrasting colors, unique fonts and scale games, always keeping in mind reaching the consumer, empathizing with their tastes.


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Imaginity, Danone, Villa Del Sur, Mineral Water, Packaging, Design, Claudio Baldrich Edition


Rabieta assigned us the project of working on the adaptation of their visual identity for the 473 individual serves. Just like the brand does at its Rabieta Bar in Palermo neighborhood, the idea is to offer consumers as many crafted beer styles as possible. There were going to be at least 4 beer styles from the very beginning. The COLOR, that was already the main character of the bottle labels became even more important this time. 

Villa del Sur

Villa del Sur Mineral Water, Packaging Design, Limited Edition: Celebrate Family with Water and Color. The objective: to position Villa del Sur water as a fun and colorful water. Our proposal: Create a limited edition with Argentine artists. The challenge was to add color to the brand packaging in a very uniform and predominantly blue category, without entering into the color codes of the flavored water category.

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We worked on brand activation and building communication for the new intensive care line of the Caladryl brand. We designed a key visual, with the premise of communicating the new line of products with the challenge of introducing and communicating the new varieties in a brand closely associated with the treatment of bites. An opportunity, opening the brand to new spaces within skin care. Communicating clearly, quickly and simply was key to designing the key visual, creating direct, clear, quick-impact messages that reach and inform consumers.


The challenge of the project was to design the packaging version of Dioxaflex within the world of over-the-counter medicines.
Combining the recognition of the already known prescription product among consumers and the codes of the over-the-counter category (more visual impact, colors, elements). The central idea of our packaging design is based on introducing the human figure, thus adding free sale codes and gaining impact and visual appeal. For this reason, we created an illustration of the human figure that is complemented with yellow "lights" that represent the areas of pain.


Imaginity, Cristal, Beer, Packaging Design, Cans
Imaginity, Soberana Radler, Packaging Design, Bottle


We redesigned the packaging for the Cristal brand: a 12 oz. can, and its multipacks: the 6-pack and 12-pack, following the new identity for the brand we had created. For the can, we used the new Cristal logo, the shield with the mountains. And we redesigned the can background to get a cleaner look adapting the lines behind the Cristal logo. For the Multipacks, we created an illustration of the Tierras Altas mountains to produce a clean, white and upscale packaging.


Radler is one of Heineken Group most successful global volume innovations ever. It offers the refreshing fusion of lemonade combined with the great quality of beer. And it is being rolled out across the globe. Soberana Radler, a new beer from Heineken in Panama, needed a package that, in addition to finding a harmony between the Soberana design and the characteristic graphics of Radler also communicated freshness and flavor through the concept of “double the freshness”.



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Imaginity, Nestlé, Fruit Delights, New Chocolate, Packaging Design ,Special Edition Box


We redesigned the packaging line of the Colombina Snacky brand snacks, adding a new flavor, with the aim of maintaining the recognition established among consumers, but adding greater appetizer and visual appeal. After an analysis of the current packaging design and the competition, we concluded that it was necessary to work on the image of the product, to highlight it, focusing on the flavor, to transform it into the protagonist of the pack, adding appetizing and visual appeal.


Nestlé hired us to develop the packaging design for the limited edition of its new product Fruit Delights. The product sought to be positioned in the market as a gift, therefore, required an original design and attractive packaging, which continues to be identified under the Nestlé brand and its guarantee of quality and experience. For the design we used Nestlé’s characteristic red color and silver to make it look more premium, standing out from the competition and positioning it as a more premium product. We worked on the branding and packaging design in order to communicate this new product to consumers, seeking to convey its palatability and the distinctive flavor of the fruits and chocolates combination.



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Imaginity, PCS, Professional Care System, Color Protection, Hair Treatment, Packaging Design


Jabonería Wilson summoned us after redesigning the product line of cream detergents, to update its line of liquid detergent. Achieving the same impact that the terrines have, we achieve an image that impacts with its shapes and colors.


The professional hair beauty line PCS - Professional Care System, sought to reinvent and update its image. That's why we were called in to revamp the design of their entire product line, from creating a new identity to their labels. To do this, we modernize your logo, with a style aligned with current and future market trends. For the packaging design, given its broad portfolio of products, a brand architecture was thought of that would order each line, coding them through color, adding elegance and harmony.



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Imaginity, Aguila, Packaging Design, Branding, Women Bottles


Mazzei called us for the launch of the new Original and Wheat flavor crackers, looking for a packaging design with a relaxed and casual look that manages to integrate as part of the daily breakfast. With characteristic colors of each variety, friendly style fonts and uncontracted flash, the desired objective was achieved.


We collaborated closely, as a leading design agency, with our Paraguayan client, Emcesa, to develop the branding and packaging design for the new flavored premium beer, Aguila. The main challenge was to introduce a new product in the market while effectively communicating its unique differentiator: a perfect fusion of beer with delectable flavor ingredients. Our focus revolved around catering to the potential consumers, and thus, we crafted a modern design concept, centered on a sleek, no-label-look approach, to accentuate its irresistible appetite appeal.



With a keen understanding of the diverse and vibrant markets across the region, the agency has successfully crafted compelling brand identities, packaging designs, and shopper marketing initiatives that resonate with local audiences.