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At Imaginity we work on the comprehensive conception of a product's image, from its morphology to its graphics. In this process, we work together with brands to create the best possible solution and emphasize the importance of design as a tool to increase competitiveness and results.


In product design, form and visual image are combined granting greater possibilities for communication. They connect forming a unit that allows the product to be and communicate what it intends.

The form communicates: the different morphologies are associated with different concepts, as well as the textures. In bottle design, curved, rounded shapes communicate smoothness, as they are perceived as organic or flexible; straight shapes denote more strength, rigidity, and stability. Smooth or slightly textured surfaces are associated with softness, contrary to more rugged surfaces which provide sturdiness or grip.

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Visual image: The key to successful product design is to make it attractive, and desirable for the consumer. Product design is the process of identifying a market opportunity, clearly defining the problem, and understanding their tastes and preferences, and the category codes. And then developing a proper solution for that problem, and validating the solution with real users.

In the bottle design process for a craft beer, we created a proprietary shape inspired by the horse-shoe form factor to link the brand with its equestrian origins and created rounded shapes to enhance product appeal. Embossed details on the  glass bottle surface provide uniqueness and premium quality.


Ergonomics provides an understanding of how the morphology of the object interacts with the consumer. Think about practicality and comfort when using a product, taking into account the human body, its movements, and its proportions. This human-centered product design process is at the essence of design thinking. 

When we designed Kotex brand feminine-care liner morphologies, we explored the curved shapes of the female body, the garment designs, and the technical needs for a protective solution. We created a rounded shape, with embossed channels that provide absorption and protection and visual cues to show performance in a graphical way In this product design, we used curved shapes in the morphology of the liner, matching the shapes of the underwear and the body, to create a sensation of softness and care.

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This soap bar has a sleek black design, it is easy to handle and it has the Adermicina logo embossed in the top view of the product. The design of the soap bar includes massaging waves on one side, which are meant to gently exfoliate the skin and help unclog pores. These waves also provide a relaxing and invigorating massage experience when the soap is used.

The bar itself is made with activated carbon ingredients, which are known for their ability to absorb impurities and excess oils from the skin. This makes the soap particularly effective at fighting acne and other skin blemishes.

Overall, this soap bar is a unique product for those looking to combat acne and improve the overall appearance and health of their skin.


Design is an important aspect of feminine protection products, as it can significantly impact a woman's experience using these products.

While designing feminine protection products, we considered that they should be comfortable to wear, with features such as soft edges, a flexible fit, and breathability.

And many women prefer feminine protection products that are discreet and do not draw attention to themselves. Design features such as a slim or compact shape can help achieve this.

Overall, good product design can greatly enhance the user experience of feminine protection products, making them more comfortable, convenient, and sustainable for women to use.

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When it comes to building great products, design is the most important “feature", it’s what sets companies apart and gives them a real edge over competitors.

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