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We understand packaging design as the synthesis of the brand's visual expression. It transmits the essence of the brand, its values, its identity. This Visual ID shall be the clearest definition of what the brand is and what it is not.


As packaging design specialists, at Imaginity we have a wealth of experience working with top global brands.

Our goal is to help these brands grow through their products by using a combination of creativity and strategic thinking to understand the consumer and the point of sale.

Our approach takes into account the entire brand strategy and positioning, including brand architecture, visual identity, graphic image, and communication, to bring the brand to life.

Our designs are known for their ability to meet the specific needs of each brand and product category, and we pride ourselves on our ability to understand these needs and translate them into visually striking identities and packaging designs.

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Product packaging design serves as a silent salesman, speaking to potential customers as it sits on the shelf alongside competitors.

In the crucial moment when a purchasing decision is made, effective packaging design can help your product stand out and communicate a clear, powerful message that helps establish brand recognition and uniqueness.

By understanding how a product line appears on the shelf, we create cohesive, strong, and recognizable brands. We consider how each packaging design functions independently and in relation to the rest of the product range and its competitors, always keeping the goal of conveying a simple yet impactful message in mind.


Our design thinking process sets us apart in every packaging design project. We begin by considering the big picture and identifying the best strategy for each design.

This includes analyzing the competitive landscape, researching the brand and market, and examining the competition. From this information, we define a conceptual and strategic direction, which guides us into the creative phase where we visually communicate through packaging design.

Our goal in packaging design is to convey a clear and impactful message that allows the brand to be easily recognizable and unique. We aim to make the product stand out and effectively communicate its benefits, understanding the impact that packaging design has on consumer perception and appreciation of the brand.


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Effective packaging design plays a crucial role in creating a connection with the brand and influencing the consumer's purchasing decision. As the first tangible and visual contact that the consumer has with the product, packaging serves as a key communicator and silent seller for the brand.

With the average buyer only spending 1.5 seconds in the shopping aisle, it's important to ensure rapid recognition and differentiation of the brand through packaging design that guides the consumer in their decision-making process.

At Imaginity, we are passionate about creating packaging designs that have a significant impact on sales and effectively communicate the brand's identity.


During the design process for Cristal Beer packaging for Heineken Panama, we recognized the importance of highlighting the brand's origins in Panama's High Lands ("Tierras Altas").

To incorporate this aspect of the brand's identity, we evolved the shield logo to include mountain imagery and designed a new label for the bottle that utilizes the shape of the shield to showcase the mountain range where the brand was founded.

This emphasis on the brand's origins helps to differentiate it from competitors and reinforces its connection to the region.

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For the Nestle brand in Ecuador and Colombia, we highlighted the brand's use of red as a distinctive property and aimed to emphasize the gifting aspect of the packaging.

The Fruit Delights gifting box prominently displays the fruit filling, which is a key differentiator for the product, and includes a window that allows the consumer to see the chocolates inside.

This packaging design effectively communicates the contents of the package and positions the brand as a desirable gift option.



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52% of people around the world make purchasing decisions, largely based on packaging design

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