Hand Sketching and Drafting: Unleashing Creativity in Packaging Design 

The Journey Begins

Strategic Review and Creative Strategy

Our journey starts with a comprehensive understanding of the project brief, the client's needs, the brand's target audience, and the competitive landscape. Armed with this knowledge, we embark on a strategic review of the market, the category, the brand, and the competition to define a robust Creative Strategy. This strategy serves as our guiding light, illuminating the path to impactful design solutions.

Embracing the Power of Hand Sketching

As a design agency, we firmly believe in the power of hand-drawn sketches as the foundation of our creative process. Armed with nothing more than pencils and paper, we dive headfirst into conceptualizing graphic solutions. In this stage, we have the freedom to explore boundless possibilities, allowing our creativity to flow unrestricted.

A Playground of Ideas

Hand sketching unlocks a realm of possibilities, allowing us to capture an abundance of ideas. By embracing this intuitive approach, we set creativity free, enabling us to visualize proposals that might not emerge through other design methods. This open and exploratory phase encourages us to challenge conventions and venture beyond the ordinary.

Breaking Free from Limitations

During this early stage, we are unburdened by measurements or specific technicalities. Our focus lies solely on morphology design, enabling us to push the boundaries of innovation. By liberating ourselves from constraints, we invite groundbreaking ideas to flourish.

Laying the Foundation for Success

We understand the profound impact of this exploratory phase on the overall product design process. Hand-drawn sketches serve as the bedrock upon which successful design solutions are built. It is here that creativity thrives, and extraordinary possibilities come to life.

Inspiring Design Solutions

By immersing ourselves in the realm of hand sketching, we encourage creativity to take flight. These sketches form the basis for remarkable design solutions that align perfectly with our clients' visions, surpassing expectations and delivering unparalleled results.

At Imaginity, as a leading design agency, we recognize the significance of hand sketching as a driving force in the packaging design process. Embracing this creative and intuitive method, we unveil a world of ideas, setting the stage for transformative design solutions that make a lasting impact. Through hand sketches, we unleash our creativity and elevate packaging design to new heights.


At Imaginity, we have honed a work process, drawing on our vast experience as a design agency, to deliver the most innovative and effective design solutions.


Central to this process is the invaluable stage of hand sketching.