Packaging has a great communicational power. It is the unique marketing material that every shopper will look at. And we can use this power to communicate brand attributes: brand advertising on the pack is what is called packvertising.


Packvertising, a concept that is both intriguing and powerful, is the use of the packaging as an advertising medium.

And the packaging is not merely the outfit with which a product is presented to the public. Packaging is the most effective marketing and advertising tool for influencing consumers' decision.  In fact, packaging frequently serves as both the first and last point of contact with customers, making it an essential component of the marketing mix.

And by turning the packaging itself into an advertising media, thus packvertising, we can tell the brand story to every shopper looking for a product where our brand is.

In this Pepsi limited edition design, we created the packaging design around the "I Love My Pepsi Light" concept.

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Imaginity, Services, Packvertising, Pepsi Kick


Packvertising builds on the concept of the product packaging as the Silent Salesman. It sits alone on the shelf, visually talking to prospective customers. And there, next to your competitors, your product is displaying the last messages in the key moment of truth where the purchase is decided.

It is a way to tell your brand story to every customer interacting with your product. And this is much more than any other advertising media can deliver. 

In this Pepsi project, we created a collectible edition of NFL Pepsi packaging that reinforced the brand association with the National Football League and the Super Bowl.


While starting with a clear communication concept is key while working on packaging design, it is even more necessary when creating a packvertising brief. 

In this Gatorade project, we maximized the brand sponsoring of soccer players like Jürgen Damm and mexican teams like the Chivas of Guadalajara and the Rayados from Monterrey, by creating a soccer limited edition product range.

We designed the sleeve labels with illustrations of these teams reinforcing the brand's connection with the sport. 

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Sometime we can even use a side panel instead of the whole pack as an advertising canvas. 

In this Kotex Evolution pack, we designed a communicational side-panel to connect with the consumer of the brand. And provide a short description of this product range benefits. 


A newer form of packvertising is through the use of "connected pack". This is done by including a QR code on the pack, which can be scanned with a smartphone. When the code is scanned, it connects the user to additional information or resources related to the product, such as a website, product manual, or customer support center.

QR connected packs allow consumers to easily access additional information about a product without having to search online or dig through paper materials. And the information accessed through the QR code can be changed or updated at any time, allowing consumers to access the most current information about the product.

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In this pack design for a line of fruit juices, we focused on communicating to consumers the idea of family sharing time around the breakfast table.

This concept, which ties into the brand positioning, effectively emphasizes the healthy approach of this brand. And it provides a great opportunity to enhance family interactions around the product.

By using existing printed media, the pack itself, we created a new communication opportunity with consumers that is both cost-effective and relevant to the brand.


52% of people around the world make purchasing decisions, largely based on packaging design

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