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Turning Visions into Reality: Our Global Influence in Branding, Packaging Design, and Brand Communication

  • La Vaquita. Packaging Design

    fullcenter Client: DFA. La Vaquita Country: USA Task: Packaging Design La Vaquita is a Regional brand we love, based on incredible small-batch products and a true […]
    Imaginity, DFA, La Vaquita, Shreeded Cheese, Packaging Design
  • Ecocarnes. Web

    fullcenter Customer: Ecocarnes Country: Argentina Task: Web We were selected by Ecocarnes, a leading company in the Argentine meat industry with more than 40 years of […]
    Imaginity, Ecocarnes, Viande, Meats, Premium, Mobile Web Design, Cell Phone
  • Original Grandma Style, Merenguitos. Branding, Packaging Design

    fullcenter Cliente: Original Grandma Style. Merenguitos País: EE.UU. Tarea: Branding, Diseño de Packaging Realizamos un nuevo diseño de packaging para Merenguitos, un producto americano icónico, con […]
    Imaginity, Old Grandma Style, Merenguitos, Logo, Brand, Packaging Design
  • Munich. Packaging Design

    fullcenter Client: Munich, EMCESA Country: Paraguay Task: Packaging Design, Branding Our client EMCESA, of Paraguay, hired us to redesign Munich beers: Imperial, Royal and Premium packagings, […]
    Imaginity, Munich, Packaging Design, Bottle
  • Plenitud. Packaging Design

    fullcenter Client: Kimberly Clark, Plenitud Country: Latin America Task: Packaging Design Plenitud, a brand of adult diapers in Latin America, came to Imaginity to update its […]
    Imaginity, Plenitud, Packaging Design, Hand Pack
  • Chocmelos. Point of sale

    fullcenter Customer: Colombina Country: Colombia Task: Point of sale We worked on the design of a point-of-sale display that would group and organize the entire range […]
    Imaginity, Chocmelos, Point of Sale, Exhibitor
  • Kotex Evolution. Launch Kit. Print

    fullcenter Client: Kotex Evolution, Kimberly Clark Country: Latam Task: Print As part of the work for Kotex Evolution, Kimberly Clark invited us to design a series […]
    Imaginity, Kimberly Clark, Kotex Evolution, Launch Kit, Print Design