Packaging Design

We understand packaging design as the synthesis of the brand's visual expression. It transmits the essence of the brand, its values, its identity. This Visual ID shall be the clearest definition of what the brand is and what it is not.


We are packaging design specialists.And we have been working with leading global brands for many years. Our goal is to help them grow through their products, combining creativity and strategic thinking as tools to understand the consumer and the point of sale.

Our integral point of view contemplates the work from the brand strategy and positioning, through brand architecture, visual identity, graphic image and communication to bring the brands alive.

Our designs stand out for responding to the needs of each brand and product category. Our challenge is to understand these needs and translate them into stunning visual identities and packaging designs.

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Your product packaging is the Silent Salesman. It sits alone on the shelf, visually talking to prospective customers. And there, next to your competitors, your product is displaying the last messages in the key moment of truth where the purchase is decided.

Understanding how a product line behaves on the shelf allows us to create a strong, cohesive and recognizable brand. We understand how each packaging design works on its own, as well as how it works in relation to the rest of the line.

The goal that we keep in mind when designing packaging is to convey a simple and powerful message that allows the brand to be recognizable and unique.


The design thinking process we use in every project is what sets us apart. We start with the big picture in mind, to define the best strategy for each project.

We start with an analysis of the competitive opportunity, and an investigation of the brand, the market or country and its competition. These learning and conclusions drive us to define the conceptual and strategic path. It is from this definition that we begin the third phase, the creative stage, in which we communicate graphically through design.

The goal that we keep in mind when designing packaging is to convey a simple and powerful message that allows the brand to be recognizable and unique. We know that we must make the product stand out and communicate its benefits. And we understand how packaging design changes the perception and appreciation of the brand among consumers.

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We know the power that packaging design has to generate a connection with the brand. It is a shopping experience, which leads to the purchase of the product. We are passionate about working on packaging design, since we understand its relevance as a visual expression of the brand, as its communicator, as a silent seller.

Packaging is far more than a container for the product. Its image is the first tangible and visual contact that the consumer identifies with the product.

The buyer is on average 1.5 seconds in the shopping aisle. That is why we need rapid recognition and differentiation of the brand, and the packaging. We need to guide the consumer in the purchase and help them make decisions. A good packaging design has a great impact on sales


52% of people around the world make purchasing decisions, largely based on packaging design