Limited Edition Anniversary Edition Retro Style Golden Original French Fries Packaging Design for Wise, USA - Imaginity
Golden Original limited edition packaging design inspired in vintage packaging

Limited Edition Retro Style Collectible Tins Design for Golden Original Potato Chips Packaging for Wise, USA - Imaginity
Designs for Golden Original packs: retro version limited edition and 100 years
Wise – 100 Years Living Life Wisely

Packaging design of Golden Original flavor potato chips limited edition 100 years for Wise Snacks, United States - Imaginity
Retro Style packaging of Golden Original Potato Chips for Wise Snacks

Detail of the packaging design of Golden Original snacks special edition 100th anniversary of Wise, United States - Imaginity
Golden Original fries pack, limited edition retro style

Detail of the brand's character in the Golden Original anniversary edition pack design for Wise, United States - Imaginity
Detail of the retro-style packaging design to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand with the vintage logo.

100th Anniversary Collectible Can Design for Golden Original French Fries Packaging from Wise, USA - Imaginity
Detail of iconic Wise character, on the 100th anniversary retro packaging design

Retro packaging design with Wise´s own details and phases over time

Wise Snacks | Packaging design | Topline Marketing + Imaginity