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At Imaginity we consider In Store or point of sale material (P.O.P.), a fundamental part in the graphic communication of a product, because it indirectly promotes the recognition of a brand or product towards the consumer, since it is found in the different points of sale or market distribution.


The pop. It is a category of Marketing that uses advertising placed at points of sale, seeking to generate a permanence of the brand using a wide variety of objects where information about the company or product can be printed or stamped. This material has the advantages of increasing the exposure of the product image, increasing the amount of sales and achieving lower advertising expenses; Therefore, it represents a substantial saving in advertising for developers, and it is a simpler way to reach the user that lasts over time.
Through the use of the P.O.P. we achieve that in different instances of consumption, we increase sales notably. For this reason, by correctly and strategically using the different pieces, both inside and outside the consumer sector, we attract the consumer to the shelf and achieve the purchase action.

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Trade Marketing Areas:

• Zone 1: Proximity – Engagement: This is where the external branding engagement takes place, outside the purchase zone. It seeks to attract the consumer to the point of sale from the public thoroughfare; as it can be with canopies or backlights on public roads near the points of sale.
• Zone 2: Transit Zone – Awareness: The branding engagement in this case is informative and is located at the entrance of the point of sale. The communication system is external and is carried out through posters, projections or danglers right at the entrance of the purchase area.
• Zone 3: Impulse Zone – Enticement: It breaks with the routine on the way to the purchase. The P.O.P material is displayed outside the category. Impulsive in nature. There may be signs on the floor that guide the consumer to a certain sector; Pendants, danglers or corporeos can also be used in areas where products are sold in relation to the category.
• Zone 4: Destination Zone – Choise: Focus on the occasion of consumption. Internal character. In the same gondola or refrigerators where the product is. They can be borders, danglers, pompadours, displays or islands. Where the consumer makes the purchase.


When do we recommend using P.O.P. parts? When the company or product is in the first stage of introduction and you want to spread it, but you do not have the necessary means to make an advertisement on television or radio due to the high costs involved. In this case the P.O.P. can be an effective and profitable option.
When you have a well-positioned company or product in a mature stage, you can use the P.O.P. to build customer loyalty. This is important because, the P.O.P. material, if it is well handled, can be received by the client, not as one more publicity, but as a gift that he will appreciate, if it is useful.

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74% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale.